The virtual assistant that answers emails you dread answering.

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you to:

Politely say no

Focus on the communications in need of your attention without leaving anyone waiting for a response. Set up polite rejections your assistants to reply to invitations, pitches and other unsolicited requests.

Stay out of the loop

Because your assistant has his/her own email address, you can distance yourself from the thread and focus on the emails that need your attention.

Reply in seconds

Replying is done by moving emails to a designated folder in your normal mail app. This allows you to reply to dozens of emails in seconds, from any device.

Delegate with ease

By including others in the (b)cc of your pre-configured replies, you can easily delegate emails to others (like your agent or human PA).

Drag, drop, done.

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Virtuat sets up folders in your email client for every reply. This lets you reply from any device in seconds by simply moving emails to the correct folder, one by one or dozens at a time.

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And it gets
even easier …

Hassle-free replies for:

  • Repetitive requests
  • Unsollicited messages
  • Messages you'd rather not answer

Security built in

Data is encrypted on multiple levels and the amount of data stored in the system is minimized at all times.

Fire & Forget

Your assistant will reply to dozens of emails in seconds and you can control whether or not you want to stay in the loop.

Set up in seconds

Connect your inbox, generate your own virtual personal assisted, and select a standard reply to be sent in your name. Done.